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Musings and Mayhem

Broken and bleeding, I lay bare my soul for your perusal...


This is my cry into the darkness. Is there anyone out there? Am I alone in this Universe I call "Self"?

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I am a beautiful, loving person who helps others as often as possible. If someone earns my friendship, I will stand by them to the end. I love animals and small children and Led Zepplin. I *am* ME, and I am a rainbow of kaliedoscopic colors swirling in an energy pattern that manifests itself as this soul in this body at this time. And, someday I am going to create more magic than I can contain and when that day comes, I will become a piece of everything that Is.
Okay, I think that qualifies for "tell me something about yourself."

Oh, and I am a cancer survivor. One year on August 1, 2007.

Schools: This is what happens when a Catholic school girl goes bad!

Days until Bush leaves office.

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