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Oily beach

Oily beach, originally uploaded by Prairiekittin.

This picture was used to illustrate the following poem here:

Our Country is in an outrage
_____Young and old, they feel the pain
Nightly news brings trepidation
_____Will life ever be pure again?


With each new day, more horrors seem to come
_____Above the Sea and below
The pain of creatures large and small
_____Too great for us to know


Endangered species, cling to life
_____Covered with oil, what a horrible sight
Dolphins dying on the sand
_____It's man alone that lends a hand


Breathing is a luxury
_____Who ever would have thought!
Ask the Tortoise, Pelican and others
_____The ones lucky enough to be caught


Man fares no better, in this living nightmare
_____Lost lives, lost livelihoods, lost futures
The devastation, is more than most can bear


The Captain of an animal rescue boat
_____Killed himself today
He couldn't take it anymore
_____That's what his friends all say

Do you not smell, or hear or see ?
Your words of protection and love, they ring hollow to me.

How can anyone possibly believe in you, when you do absolutely NOTHING...NOTHING,( yet again.)

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, originally uploaded by Prairiekittin.

We went to court and found out that Judy is trying to get Izac, too! WTF?? She lives in Arkansas, she is no relation to Izac, she has never even met him! What makes her think she has the right to steal that baby away from his Auntie who loves him and visits him at least every other week?

She is Seventh Day Adventist, and they have to grow their cult from inside, so I think she's trying to grow the church by bringing in new blood by adopting children.

You want an example of Judy's parenting skills? She has 3 children. 2 of them are in prison and the third has moved as far away as she can get and wants nothing to do with her.

The part that infuriates me, though, is the fact that the judge and the DSHS worker are both xtian and want to place him in a "fine upstanding xtian home" because, you know, people can't live moral lives without god. In fact, I overhead the DSHS worker tell the CASA worker that if he didn't go to Judy, she would appeal and keep it tied up until he did.

The DSHS worker plays the xtian radio station in her office and in the waiting room outside her office. In a government building. Isn't that somehow violating some sort of church/state thing?

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Pampered Chef party

You are invited to a special Pampered Chef party:

I know how busy you are and that you probably hate being invited to any home parties. And to be honest, I haven't had a party like this in ages, but I need to update my kitchen gadgets.

Pampered Chef has come out with new consultants and products that are fabulous.

I have attached pictures of the new home party products...

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Now, aren't you sorry you groaned and said, 'not another party'?
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the high cost of cancer

The last few sentences could have been written by me!:

Leslie Elder says that even if she could afford it, because of her pre-existing condition, she is "uninsurable." Without coverage, she cannot afford follow-up exams for cancer, so Elder has no idea whether her cancer has come back. In a strange way, she says, not knowing is better. "I don't think I could bear to listen to those words again. ... 'You have cancer,' " Elder said. "I've said to my husband, if I start to get sick, just set me up with a nice pill cocktail on a beach, because nobody cares. That's the message you hear every day from insurance companies."

I've already had to cancel my last 3 appointments to the cancer doctor because I can't afford to go. I have no idea if my cancer has come back. I've already told Steve that if I get cancer again, I'll just curl up and die somewhere because I can't get treatment. I'm still trying to pay off my last treatment!

I don't understand why the public option was taken off the table. A lack of compassion and a total "What's in it for me?" attitude is the only thing I can figure. Most of the people against the public option are Republican and xtian. You know, the people who claim to follow the man who said to Heal the sick. Freaking hypocrites!
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An excellent article on triple negative breast cancer. (Which is the kind I had).

They are looking at some new drugs that may increase survival time. At the moment, the average survival rate for metastatic triple negative cancer is 9 months. With these new drugs, the time is increased to 11 months. Almost a year! Impressive results. I'm excited.

THIS is why I donate to breast cancer research.
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I think the Universe is broken.

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Okay, so the Universe is not as broken as this picture suggests. But, Mercury is retrograde. I worked day shift today. (Boy, did that ever feel weird!!). My daughter, Fawn, called. Things were just tilted a little bit. Not too bad, but still a little bit 'off'.

I like it.